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before learning it's good we used to prepare the learning plan. so that the goal of learning can be achieved with more effective and efficient.

The first set learning goals, according to the subjects that will be presented, as with the learning goals we will be more effective in determining what should we do in achieving that goal.

second, set of competence indicators of achievement students, this was so we could know whether learning goals have been met or not. if it is then all indicators students must have mastered, if not then we must repeat the process from the beginning.

third set of learning materials. take reading material from the appropriate source, the more sources of reading more of you will give to your students.

four to plan the learning process 1. beginning of learning, 2. contents of learning, 3. clossed of learning

fifth set of learning media, learning media is required to make our lesson more interesting for students. such as OHP, Infocus, Laptops, Chart, Video, film, and others.

prepare final evaluation to determine whether the goal of learning has been available, whether the student has to understand the material that has been taught.

also make the assessment standard for ease in setting standards of students.

this is, the example of learning plan in INDONESIAN langguage, you can translate it with google translate.

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Learning Lesson Download Telephone Handling

Learning Lesson Download Telephone Handling klik here

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Learning Lesson Download

Learning Lesson Download klik here

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Education Games

so that learning becomes more interesting, sometimes we have to insert a game that is educational.

this game is required from the role of the students that the goal of the game this can be achieved.

following are examples of educational games

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• Make a short sentence relating to the lesson material that will be provided, for example: Building Shared Concern. I made as many as half of the number of participants, if the 20 people, must be provided 10 sentences.
• Pecahlah sentence into two parts and written in the paper, a paper containing the sentence "Building Together" and a paper containing the words "Concern."
• Gulunglah second paper containing any posts earlier.
• Share of paper - paper that has been prepared tergulung as the number of participants (if participants whimsical, one pair with the self)
• Ask participants to unroll the paper - and to read the contents of the piece is not complete sentences.
• Ask participants to explore their spouses - each sentence so that it becomes complete.
• Ask each pair up and discuss the meaning of this expression.
• Ask participants to gather again and ask each pair to introduce spouses and sentences to convey meaning the other participants

Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Education Games 2

1. Calculating Backward
In support of the study groups in the middle of the community or students, we already assume that the ordinary people or students are just recipients of information, and the grantor or not source information. Change the habit or way of approach that has been long we have, is difficult. We usually use our glasses. We use language, symbols, images, information and technology come from the 'culture' we. We do not consider what the difficulties experienced by students or the community to accept the things that are not usual for them. In fact, the program that we developed according to assessed need glasses or student community, based on what they need, in a way that they readily accepted.
Step - step:
• Ask participants to stand mambentuk a circle. Each participant in the turns from 1 to 50 (or a number of participants)
• calculate the time, ask participants to meet the rules: each number 'seven' or 'multiplier of seven, the number was not mentioned, but replaced with the hand.
• If there is one participant who perform tasks, then the game starts from the beginning.
• After 3 - 4 round, the game finished stage 1
• Games phase - 2 starts the same way as above, but hitungannya starting from the back 50 to hold the number 1. Regulations also apply the same, namely the number 'seven' or number 'seven multiplier', numbers that are not mentioned, but replaced with the hand.
• After the round, 3-4, the game finished.
• Ask participants to discuss: (1) Which is better many errors occurred, 1 way or 2 way? (2) Why? (3) Approximately, what relationship is this game the way we work in study groups or in the middle - the middle of our society (whether simple approach to changing habits of the top from the bottom)

Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Education Games 3

Sculpture statue
This game can be used to bring the man that can not be formed in such a way by other people.
Step - step:
• Ask some participants to come forward;
• Ask one person to become a sculptor, the other one into the statue itself.
• Request for the sculptor made the statue began to work in accordance with the desires in a way to guide the position of the head, feet, hands, body patungnya (eg right hand up, left hand holding the head, right knee rest on the floor, heads turn to the left, etc. )
• Request a statue to obey all the positions requested by the engraver (during the process, carver and sculpture can not speak each other)
• Once completed, ask questions to the engraver: What makes the statue according menyenagkan own desires?
• Ask the question to the engraver: Is menyenagkan to be formed in such a way by other people?
• Then discuss with the participants: What is human can be formed in such a way by other people? Whether the child - the child can be? What can adults? Participant feedback on how this game?

Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Education Games 4

Heavy blow (The Great Wind blows)

Icebreaker is a strategy that is made quickly to make the participants laugh exercise moves. Strategy is a way to build a good team and make the participants more about one another.
• Arrange chairs in a circle. Ask participants to sit in a chair that has been provided.
• Explain the rules to the game, for the first round will act as the wind.
• Guide as the wind will say 'the wind blow to the use - for example: glasses' (if there are some participants wearing glasses).
• Participants who wear glasses should move seats, as the wind took pemadu snatch seats.
• There will be a participant before the fight seats, not kebagian seat. This is the person who replaces as the wind.
• Make the second round, and so on. Each round of the act should be said as the wind 'to blow the wind ... ... ... .... (according to the characteristics of participants, for example: blue shirt, black shoes, etc.)